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Why Culture is More Important Than Capital

Attitude is the most valuable currency in today’s business environment and it is a key indicator of future success. Never before in history has innovation been so celebrated, encouraged, and ubiquitous. Leaders are everywhere. A business is the orchestration of people serving a common goal. No surprise there. Establishing the success ecosystem – those who […]

Valuation of Your Business

A sustainable business also focuses on valuation which is the amount your company will potentially sell for over time. Your valuation is a formula that takes into account your assets, your profitability and your cash flow and that equation results in what your company might be worth in a one, three or five year period […]

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

You cannot build a business alone. A business is the orchestration of people serving a common goal. Establishing the success ecosystem of people around your business – those who will advise, direct, recommend and implement your ideas – means carefully choosing people who have experience, integrity, loyalty and honesty. It is not one person but […]

Authentic Leadership is a Daily Practice

Think of yourself as someone with a unique perspective but not unique gifts as many were born before you with the same qualities and similar background. Instead, the reason that people remember a particular individual is based on their personal and authentic power. This type of presence cannot be bought, adorned or assumed – it […]

Authenticity As Irrefutable Power

The place to begin thinking about your your business or company is actually from within – because your business will eventually weave who you are through its operations, systems and corporate culture. To that end, your corporate culture needs clear guidelines from which to make decisions and take action. You must know and define your core […]

Run To, Not From

As you are grow your business, make sure that you are going toward something instead of running away from something. All too often people see the development of a business as a way out of a job or financial pressure; the reality of business is that it’s much less forgiving than your current situation. If […]

Being a Good Communicator

One of the most essential skills required for business success is to be a high communicator. Essentially, communication means transmitting a message, the other person receiving it and confirming their understanding back to you and, likewise, understanding the messages being transmitted from that other person to you. Communication is the exchange of our ideas, our path […]

The Core Trinity of Decision Making

In Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, he describes the Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician. The Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician will all make decisions using different input but the entrepreneur tends to take more risks and makes decisions more quickly. Bijoy Goswami’s book, The Human Fabric, describes a less clinical definition of the same trinity using the […]

Developing a Core Team and Making Decisions

To develop a method of business decision-making, look to your core team. Rarely can a successful business be built with only one person; two people create a situation of polarity. There are “sides” to decision-making when two individuals unite to find a solution.  If you haven’t yet found your core team of three, consider adopting […]