The pros and cons of building your own CMS

It’s common for your developers to listen to a vendor proposal for a Content Management System (CMS) and say, “We could just build that ourselves.”

And the developers are right. Many companies have opted to use their internal talent to build a CMS, resulting in a terrific product. However, from seeing companies switch from their DIY solutions to our commercial CMS over the past decade, we now recognize some patterns.

Here are some of the things we’ve noticed about the pros and cons of rolling your own CMS versus buying a commercial off-the-shelf product.

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The top 10 pitfalls of large scale website deployments

Your enterprise website needs an overhaul, and your development team has been asked to make it happen. Your ability to simultaneously move all four of the project pillars—technology, infrastructure, team skills and communication—will have bearing on the success of the project. Of all the different IT projects an enterprise can undertake, perhaps none is as challenging as a website deployment.

We have seen these challenges come in different shapes and sizes at Magnolia, ranging from migrating existing content to making sure that developers who are actually implementing the project (you) are adequately trained. Understanding what to expect will help you to create an effective risk-mitigation plan and ensure that your website project doesn’t go down in flames.

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