The Core Trinity of Decision Making

In Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, he describes the Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician. The Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician will all make decisions using different input but the entrepreneur tends to take more risks and makes decisions more quickly. Bijoy Goswami’s book, The Human Fabric, describes a less clinical definition of the same trinity using the Relator, Maven and Evangelist. Both of these authors have outlined a very important concept – the trinity.

The point here is that there are three individual personas that make up a decision-making core team. Just as a stool with three legs, your core power trinity becomes a stable foundation for the growth of your business. You cannot and should not build a business without all three divergent and complimentary personalities.

You can explore the persona definitions from these brilliant authors on your own but it comes down to creating a system of decision-making based on the vision, potential and reality of the business. Your business is a promise and these three individuals ensure that promises are kept regardless of human factors, weather and acts of God. The very simple system of having these people in place is that you ask questions about the business in unique ways. Which of these statements describes you best?

  1. I will share and promote the promises we can make to strangers and friends and be a constant provider of ideas and opportunities.
  2. I will determine if the promises are capable of being fulfilled with our resources and at what price.
  3. I will manage the promises the business makes until they are completed and the customer is satisfied.

Knowing you cannot be more than one, which one are you? When making decisions, are you knowledge-driven, relationship-driven, or action-driven? Decisions are where the business gets real so you must have a system by which you can make them solid and well-rounded and your core power trinity achieves that.

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