Why the IoT Has to Make Sharing Data Worthwhile

Even while businesses start to incorporate products and services that leverage the Internet of Things into their strategies, they still think it belongs to the technology department. What most people don’t yet realize is that we are on the verge of a sociological shift in perspective about the transformative power of the Internet of Things—and that shift means the IoT is vital to marketers as well.

The IoT is no longer just about smart cups or refrigerators with attached touchscreens. Sure, people are interested in the latest trends, but the real power of the IoT is in how it can respond to the needs of businesses and individuals, and transform our lives in the same way that mobile computing has. In other words, it’s a marketer’s dream: actionable information, at a most granular and human level.

Apple Is Not Selling a Watch
For example, the Apple Watch is not at all what you believe it is, nor what we think it should be. History marks our ignorant mockery of Apple’s seminal products, from the first-generation iPhone all the way back to 1993 and its Newton personal digital assistant. The clues are already out there. Read the patent history and the upcoming patent registrations. And read about the personal passions of the leaders at Apple. Think different.

The Apple Watch is an early-stage product, but it isn’t for the geek, nerd or techy. Neither is it about fashion or luxury.

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