Authentic Leadership is a Daily Practice

Think of yourself as someone with a unique perspective but not unique gifts as many were born before you with the same qualities and similar background. Instead, the reason that people remember a particular individual is based on their personal and authentic power. This type of presence cannot be bought, adorned or assumed – it is earned through consistency, integrity and honesty. You are only as powerful and as humble as your mind creates and as the world perceives.

Authentic power is also not in any hurry – just as you cannot push a river, you cannot rush true power. If you find yourself surrounded by people who are always frantic and insist on your immediate decision, that is a red flag. Applying pressure is a sign of weakness and potentially signals that you are being manipulated.

In fact, the speed at which people move is a direct reflection of their life, lifestyle and personal integrity. Slow and steady may not win the race, but it does reveal who is certain about their power position. And it also makes the race last a very long time which, in business, is really what matters – sustainable revenue and profit for an extended period of time.

Interestingly enough, authentic power can only be experienced in the now because yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is imagination. The present moment is where power lives. If you tell yourself stories and make decisions from your past, rest on yesterday’s achievements, or make decisions based on assumption, projection or judgment, you are living from what was rather than what is today. Functionally, that is the equivalent of driving your car forward while looking over your shoulder.

Throughout the process of creating your business, you will discover that your life is filled with first-time meetings. Abandon all initial judgment as you will gain insight into people only by exposure and continued experience. Pay attention to the impression you make on others as that is your power point in creating a positive connection. Being your best is always a good thing; being transparent about your vision and skills is better.

Key Point: Avoid talking about yourself and your background as a new general habit. Ask questions, be here, be now and be attentive to what’s actually happening in every situation. This means no cell phones or emails while you maintain eye contact and active listening. It can be difficult to develop this skill and to practice it consistently but it is one that will serve you well.

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