Being a Good Communicator

One of the most essential skills required for business success is to be a high communicator. Essentially, communication means transmitting a message, the other person receiving it and confirming their understanding back to you and, likewise, understanding the messages being transmitted from that other person to you.

Communication is the exchange of our ideas, our path to understanding other people’s perspectives and our ability to solve problems. The act of communicating happens on three levels: verbal (spoken words), non-verbal (body language) and paraverbal (intonation, cadence, volume and pace of speech). Since it’s actually impossible for you to NOT communicate (at the very least through body language), it’s a good idea to develop your communication skills in order to say what you mean.

The best business people are strong communicators, demonstrating emotional intelligence as well. Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive both your own feelings and emotions as well as those of the people around you and using that information to inform your thinking and taking action. This is a huge field of study that is impossible to convey here; the point is that you cultivate your mastery of your ability to communicate and connect with others as a personal skill for business success. By relating well with others, your success ecosystem can flourish.

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