Run To, Not From

As you are grow your business, make sure that you are going toward something instead of running away from something. All too often people see the development of a business as a way out of a job or financial pressure; the reality of business is that it’s much less forgiving than your current situation. If you want to look good in business but not go to the trouble of actually being good in business, consider another career path. Entrepreneuring is an investment of everything you have to give to it – and it’s not about what it looks like on the surface.

Thinking like an entrepreneur pulls you forward and makes you feel good; thinking you will be escaping something and looking over your shoulder at the proverbial boogeyman will pollute your thinking.

Perhaps more significant is that you must realize that you cannot escape yourself. You are creating your experience and everything counts – everything. Authentic power demands that you take responsibility for what you create on every level as an expression of your personal integrity. Who you are, what you stand for and how you create must be in congruence with positive strength; it becomes your beacon to call in resources, relationships and opportunities that match that frequency. If you are growing a business based on fear or a negative state, you will be transmitting a ‘tainted’ signal and, ultimately, will have a broken business.

The entrepreneurs who have ‘made it’ each had their mistakes along the way; they just don’t talk about it because they are focused on their present reality. They lost money, had big snafu’s, disasters, hardships and some have even cheated to try to get ahead.

However, they consistently share one thing in common – they were persistent regardless of failure. Whether by genetics or conditioning, people are predisposed to be optimists or pessimists. As an entrepreneur, you must know how you are wired so that you can consciously choose your strategies to remain persistent. This is actually one of the real incentives to become an entrepreneur, because the light of authentic power will clearly show you what’s out of integrity.

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